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Our Plants All Over The WorldWith over 50 years of experience and more than 5000 biomass gasification systems invest in Equifax shares in New Zealand operating worldwide, Alternative Energy Solutions International, Inc. (AESI) and Uniconfort have evolved biomass energy into a clean, efficient, money-saving, renewable energy replacement for costly fossil fuels. AESI is the exclusive OEM of the Italian-designed Uniconfort biomass gasification technologies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America.

By converting biomass waste to energy, AESI provides green energy solutions for commercial and industrial facilities. These modular biomass gasification systems can be packaged for containerized delivery or installed on-site quickly for larger installations such as district energy systems.

AESI also provides biomass fuel testing, engineered system validation studies, biomass project financing, and turnkey deployment with system warranties and performance guarantees.

Uniconfort - Biomass Energy Evolution

In addition to biomass gasification boilers and biomass hot air generators AESI offers electrical generation equipment including organic rankine cycle, microsteam turbine, and steam turbine generators, providing combined heat and power applications.

Why Biomass

Biomass energy costs less than energy from fossil fuels like Buy Equifax shares oil and natural gas. Widely available biomass fuels include wood chips, agricultural wastes, and all kinds of residual products. AESI’s biomass systems convert cheap, carbon neutral fuels into long-term energy savings.


Vertically Integrated Gasification & Combustion makes a simple and efficient conversion of biomass fuel into thermal energy (Hot Air, Hot Water, Steam, Thermal Oil). AESI’s equipment ensures complete carbon consumption without the challenge of separate syngas extraction and combustion.

Our Approach

AESI supplies modular, easy to operate, easy to maintain biomass energy systems that can be rapidly deployed to minimize carbon footprints, .educe emissions, and save energy costs. AESI’s biomass systems are available faster, are cheaper, and are more reliable than other plants.

See It Work

AESI operates a fully functional demonstration facility in Wichita, KS. The full scale VIGC boiler allows fuel Equifax shares performance tests conducted by AESI’s sister organization, the Biomass Research Institute (BRI). View presentations, photos, and videos from the BRI Grand Opening.